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What does I SEE YOU offer to young people?

Entrepreneurship trainings

Entrepreneurship trainings provide the basic tools for young people to understand concepts and ideas of entrepreneurship, and to learn how to use their skills and knowledge for developing innovative and sustainable social businesses. These will be focused on:business plan development, customer acquisition, sales, leadership, and business internationalization. Through the help of these trainings young people develop their own social business ideas.

Simulating a real business environment by playing an online business game

A multiplayer turn-based entrepreneurship simulation game focused on the key skills required by an entrepreneur, such as problem solving, decision making, persuasion, and communication skills is being developed to be played by young people.

The business game includes:

  • An overarching narrative that sets the scene for the game
  • Puzzles and exercises designed to draw out entrepreneurial skills and highlight areas that need improvements
  • Puzzles requiring both independent and collaborative actions
  • Fun and engaging settings and activities for young people

 Other great opportunities and benefits

  • Access to business angels information
  • Developing business networks
  • Working in international groups of young people from seven European countries

Do you have questions about how to get involved, contact us!