Entrepreneurship training for youth

basic tools for young people to understand concepts and ideas of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship training for youth

Business Simulation Game

a multiplayer turn-based entrepreneurship simulation game focused on the key skills required by an entrepreneur

Business Simulation Game

Youth international network

working in international groups of young people from seven European countries

Youth international network

„I SEE YOU” (Initiative to foster Social Entrepreneurship Experience for Youth) is a great opportunity for young people from Europe interested in taking the entrepreneurship path in their professional life.


I SEE YOU conference

I SEE YOU team is pleased to invite you to the project’s final conference.

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I SEE YOU event in Cluj

The 4th I SEE YOU event takes place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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I SEE YOU Inclusion Paper

The Strategy Paper analyses the situation of migrant entrepreneurs in Europe.

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I SEE YOU event in Galway

The third I SEE YOU event will take place on November 23rd and November 24th in…

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Successful Social Entrepreneurs

magdas HOTEL – a place where refugees become hosts

magdas HOTEL is situated in Vienna and accommodates both leisure and business…

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"A Hot Meal" for everyone

“A Hot Meal” social business provided so far almost 20,000 warm meals for people…

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  • "I SEE YOU Project: Participants from 7 European countries get the taste of Social Entrepreneurship - enabling them to start cooking their very own 'Social Business Menu' thanks to a special network - just great!"

    Martina, 31, I SEE YOU participant from Austria

  • “I was really excited about the e-learning platform from the start. I believe it gives all of its members a great opportunity to create a business plan and at the same time help others. I also like the self-educational path that the platform is heading. The materials used are very useful, not only for the entrepreneurial part, but also for my personal growth which I think it’s amazing.”

    Ioana, 23, I SEE YOU participant from Romania

  • “Apart from participating with international course-mates from different countries in Europe, within an intercultural background, we are carrying out six modules which give us a good approach to Social Entrepreneurship.”

    Pedro, 27, I SEE YOU participant from Slovakia

  • "I can proudly say I was able to learn many new things and further improve my skills by learning, reading and playing the business games.”

    Veronica, 23, I SEE YOU participant from Slovakia

  • “I SEE YOU allows the participants to develop skills by solving tasks like: teamwork, brainstorming, sharing the experience, taking the initiative, or running a project. It connects young people from all around Europe, with similar background and interests to help them to develop professionally in order to bring added value to the society in their area of interest.”

    Adina, 27, I SEE YOU participant from Slovakia

  • I believe that the essence of I SEE YOU training is best summarized by Peter Farquharson’s quote: „The relationship of trust depends on our willingness to look not only our interests, but also the interests of others”.

    Alessia, 23, I SEE YOU participant from Italy